Earning rewards


Monthly recurring


Non custodian
What is Staking

Staking is a simple and easy way to earn reward. Use your AMLT tokens to work for you. The “stake” means “the coin holding” as opposed to trading (selling and buying).

Crypto staking works similar to a bank deposit - it is when a user deposits or locks their cryptocurrency into a platform to receive rewards.

Staking can provide users with an extra $AMLT through staking rewards and at the same time support the a network.

How it works

Staking involves freezing token on your address. During this time, tokens cannot be traded - they are, in a way, locked in the stake pool. In return, the staker receives a reward.

The rewards are the same tokens as that delegated - AMLT

The more tokens you freeze and the longer it lasts, the greater is the reward.

The staking rewards are usually distributed on 10th day of each month.

You can order a withdrawal/return of delegated tokens and stop staking at any time. It's important that only tokens staked for calendar month can participate in reward.